Oil of Tea Rose

Roses are fragrant and attractive flowers that are found in various places in the world and they have got plenty of medicinal benefits attached to them. Of late the use of hybrid tea roses is also becoming significant in various parts of the world. Tea rose is also known for its pleasant and full smell. A hybrid tea rose is a quintessential rose having longer stems and large blossoms. They are being used for treating depression, intestinal problems as well as cold and flu problems. This oil is extracted from the rose hips. A plethora of skin diseases can be treated effectively using the tea rose oil. It is also used with other essential oils for treatment of insomnia.

This oil has got a cleansing action, thereby cleaning the body of various toxins and diminishes the fever. The purification properties of this oil help to increase the immunity and fight the infections. This oil is high in vitamin c and is used to make some brilliant natural vitamins.

A major use of tea rose oil is in perfumery. The perfumes that consist of tea rose oil are highly popular among people. A majority of perfume manufacturers are making tea rose oil. They can be through the online catalogues or stores.

It is only very recently that this oil has gained popularity. You can consider it as an oil of the modern age. The use of this oil is diminishing stretch marks and scrapes is still being worked on. It is believed to have a positive impact on the skin cells, thereby promoting their regenerations.

Since this oil is relatively newer oil as compared to the hundreds of essential oils already available, you need to take care that you choose it very carefully. The oil should be extracted by a standardized extraction process and should be highly pure. Certification is something which you need to look at. Also, the sources from where you are buying the oil should be reliable and credible. Avoid buying cheap imitations as it may cause side effects.

Skin irritations are the only side effects that are attached to the use of this oil. Still, it is highly recommended that you consult a doctor or physician before using this oil. The use of the oil should be refrained during the stage of pregnancy and for elders or sick people.

Due to its likeable smell a lot of cosmetics as well as herbal products are using this oil. It is added to a wide range of shampoos, soaps and conditions to impart an appealing smell. The potential of this oil is yet to be explored and this is the reason many companies are investing in the research and development of this new hybrid oil. This oil is one of the many hybrid oils which are catching the attention of a lot of corporate and commercial companies.


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Bay leaves are prevalent throughout the world

Bay leaves are prevalent throughout the world. These are used commercially in cosmetics, hair tonics, beauty products, soaps etc. Apart from this, you will find the use of bay leaf oil in flavors and seasoning in meat, fish as well as poultry.

Bay leaf oil is extracted in many places in the world and it has got a spicy, strong and a pungent aroma. It is mainly used as massage oil as it is known to improve the circulation of blood in the body and also provides a heat sensation. It is pale to yellow in appearance and helps to relive lung congestion, sinus as well as headaches caused due to cold. Bay leaf oil blends beautifully with coriander, rose, Ylang Ylang, thyme, lavender, ginger and many other oils.

Bay leaf oil is known by many different names in different parts of the world including Sweet Laurel, Indian Bay, Nobel Laurel, Bay Laurel and Sweet Bay etc. Thus, don’t get confused. This oil was extensively farmed in Rome and Greece. The emperors used to wear the bay leaves and it was symbol of power in ancient times. The tree was also considered as sacred in Greek history.

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Basil essential oil is a great essential oil

Basil essential oil is a great essential oil which has been used since last few centuries to strength human mind and heart and it make body immune against various deadly diseases. Essential oils are widely used in aromatherapy due to their superb medicinal properties. Basil is also known by many other names, including Tulsi. In some Asian countries like India and Bangladesh, it is used as a household remedy. Basil oil forms an important part of Ayurveda and it helps to cure respiratory problems like coughs, bronchitis, cold etc. Some people also worship this plant and use its oil for various divine purposes. In Greek medicinal history, this essential oil is used to treat headaches. It was widely used in World War II to treat wounded soldiers.

Like various other essential oils, this oil is extracted with the method of steam distillation. A flowering herb is used produce a thin and transparent flight which is greenish yellow in color. The aroma is spicy, sweet and fresh. Its tone is balsamic. If someone is feeling depressed then he or she must use this oil just to re-energize him or herself. It’s has got some really good neuro-regulator properties that are highly effective in treating stress, anxieties and various nervous disorders. Basil essential oil is considered as a natural tonic for various nervous problems. It has got the capability of being a stimulant as well as restorative substance. If you are suffering from sinus or nose congestions then there can be nothing better than basil essential oil. It is effective in treating migraine and headaches. In some cases, it is found effective in dealing with menstrual disorders.

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Sage Essential oil and Flower

The wonderful scent, Sage oil is broadly classified in two oil types and these are Medicinal sage ad Pale sage. The former is recommended more for frequent use than the latter, as the toxicity level in former is less. Many people also prefer bathing with sage oil as it helps to deal with the problems that are related to asthma, arthritis; inflammation etc. Apart from in the form of oil, sage is also available in many other forms including tea. It helps to improve the digestive system of the body and helps to remove the abdominal pain.

In order to treat menstrual pain, one can apply it on the abdomen in the initial half of the menstrual cycle perception. This will help in regulating the menstrual cycle. Avoid using sage oil during the second stage of menstrual cycles as it may sometimes lead to excessive bleeding.

Those who are suffering from the problems of dandruff should try to use products that have got sage oil in a desired amount in them. This oil also simulates the sex drive and has helped thousands of people worldwide to make their sexual encounter even better. Ancient used this plant for preventing people from deadly diseases. However, now its use is no longer restricted.

Sage oil is derived from the steam distillation of salvia officials, which is a small and evergreen shrub. It gets woody stems has got grayish leaves and consist of various colored flowers that blossom in summer or late spring seasons. The plant grows up to a height of two feet and is native to the Mediterranean region. Sage oil is therapeutic oil that may cause some skin sensitivity problems, as it is very strong and thus it becomes a must to dilute it with other vegetable carrier oil.

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Beat the Cold with Wintergreen Oil

Wintergreen oil is a huge hit among the Native Americans. They know how to use this oil for natural remedies. Wintergreen plant and trees are grown widely in many states of United States. The botanical name of this plant is Gaultheria procumbens and is known by few other names like teaberry and mountain tea. The color of this oil ranges from pinkish

It is well understood that our body requires energy to perform various tasks and also to build and grow. Wintergreen oil is one such natural item which can increase the respiratory conditions as well as lung capacity, besides giving a large number of benefits to the user. It is many a time used to treat mucus discharge as well as muscle pain. Wintergreen oil mainly consists of a methyl salicylate and gaultherilene, which makes it a common aspirin. The salicylates restrict the formation of prostaglandins, be entering the tissue cells. This in turn reduces the pain and inflammation. Majority of the oil blends are diluted with wintergreen oil constituting not more than 25% of the oil. Wintergreen oil boasts of having many superb properties including diuretic, antitussive, inflammatory, anti-rheumatic, emmenagogue and galactagogue properties.  yellow to yellow and it has got a mint flavor in it. Almost all the medicinal ointments available in the market today consist of this oil.

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Treat Your Skin Problems with Aloe Vera Gel

We all are well acquainted with the various benefits associates with the use of Aloe Vera gel. This gel is an important constituent of various cosmetic as well as medicinal preparations. It is grown as a succulent plant in many countries. You will find a lot of products in the market that are use Aloe Vera gel in their preparation. This gel is said to provide cure to a number of diseases and health related problems. The following are some of the benefits associated with the use of Aloe Vera gels. This plant is cultivated in many countries including Bangladesh, Australian, China, India as well as South Africa.  This gel is being used since 17th century. There are many ancient records available which shows the use of Aloe Vera gel in ancient history. Since this gel is non toxic, it implies that there are absolutely no side effects associated with it. This fact has further pushed the demand of such products.

Aloe Vera gel is used as eyewash for effective eye care. This herbal remedy is extremely useful in treating the rashes, abrasions, skin cuts etc. Besides, it is found to be extremely effective in treating cold sores, blisters, sunburns etc. If you are looking for an anti ageing product, than do ensure that it consists of aloe Vera as it helps to fight wrinkles, aging spots as well as other similar formations. If you are suffering from dandruff, do look out for Aloe Vera gel based hair care products. Several hair problems including hair loss as well as dermatitis can be treated with the use of Aloe Vera products. For treating joint as well as muscle pains, Aloe Vera products are highly recommended. Apart from these, this gel is also known to have great antiviral, antibacterial as well as antifungal properties and all these make this gel an effective tool to fight against infection. You can also get rid of the gum related and tooth decay problem by using Aloe Vera gel.

For ideal results, you should use this gel on infected areas for 2-3 times in a day. For acne outbreaks, this gel works wonders. It is a hit among teenagers who are suffering from acne problems. Even for frost bites this gel is highly effective. It provides shiny, smooth and silky hair. If you hair is weakened from any other application, apply this gel to see the difference. It helps to infuse the moisture back into your scalp.

Lastly, stomach relates problems and chest inflammations can be dealt with using the Aloe Vera products. This gel is extremely good for your skin. This gel has got the ability to regenerate your skin cells. So, get rid of expensive antibiotics and skin problems, as Aloe Vera products will surely help you out. All your skin and hair related issues can be done away with the use of this gel.

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Orange Oil – The “Cool” Oil

You must have drunk orange juice a lot of time, but may not have used orange oil much. However, like orange juice, orange oil is also used for a wide number of benefits. This essential oil is very light in nature and it is ideal for anyone who has just started to use this oil. It has got some amazing emotional and physiological effects. It helps to stop the free radicals and growth of bacterial. It is also an excellent anti oxidant.

This essential oil also stimulates the absorption of the vitamin C that is present in the body. It is not only high in Carotene and Vitamin C but also in limonene. This compound helps to combat the cancer tumor and cellular mutations and thus is very beneficial for the human body. Orange essential oil helps to lower the heart rhythm and regulates the heartbeat.  It is also beneficial for arteriosclerosis and hypertension. Apart from it, it is an anticoagulant and stimulates kidneys as well as bladder. Orange oil is diuretic in nature and helps to relive the fluid retention. If you want to stimulate the lymph fluids and circulation of blood, you can use the orange essential oil for this purpose. It also treats the swollen tissue in a very effective manner.

This essential oil is also beneficial in soothing the irritated, dry and acne prone conditions of skin. The brilliant regenerative properties of orange oil help to prevent signs of aging. If you venture out in sun most of the time, then you should apply this oil on your skin so as to protect it from harmful UV rays. This oil is warming oil both emotionally as well as physically. Also, this oil is anti-depressant and uplifting,

Orange is also asscoaited with optimism, joy as well as playfulness. It also helps to awaken the creativty in a person and harmonize the feelings. Orange oil stimulates the pleasure as well as sensuality in human being. It is sometimes mixed with ylang yalng oil to give more effective results. It helps to connect all our senses and remove inhibitions of various kinds. The use of this oil is also in furniture and wood care. It is no doubt gentle in nature but it is highly effective against wood damage from insects and pests. It also helps out to clean the fingerprints. You can use it for cleaning the grease and oil from the cook top. You just need to apply some drops of orange oil along with the hand soap so as to remove the paint, dirt as well as grease from your hands. Since it stimulates the digestion and appetite, thus you should add it to your culinary favorites. It is also used in salads and majority of the deserts.

Buy orange oil of tested purity and high quality. Buy only from a trusted supplier. Apart from this, use this oil in correct quantities, to avoid any ill effects.

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Calamus Oil – Rejuvenate Your Spirit

Calamus is so beneficial that its name is mentioned thrice in the Holy Bible. This oil was also among the four oils which were used in the “holy” blends given to Moses. This plant is a reed plant which mainly grows in the marshy areas. In ancient times, this oil was used in incense and perfumes as a holy anointing. It healing properties are mainly due to the aromatic oil which is prevalent in the root of the plant. It is used as a tonic for dealing with headaches, dysentery, nervous complaints etc.

Today, calamus oil is used as an anti inflammatory, antispasmodic agent that is used to soothe the gastrointestinal tract apart from dealing with kidney congestion, asthmatic bronchitis, cystitis, low blood pressure and intoxication etc. This oil is considered for spiritually and emotionally healing. It is also used topically for its soothing effect on the GI tract. People apply it on throat, brow as well as temples for spiritual healing and purifying the soul. Since this oil is rare and cannot be found easily, thus it’s hardly available in pure form and used mainly in blends.

Since this oil is not very safe, other oils are more preferred that calamus oil. It is difficult to obtain and this is the reason why it is priced very highly. If you want to know more about the calamus oil then you can refer various online articles or forums on the subject. Also, you might consider asking from a certified aroma therapist. You need to get this oil from the correct sources, so as to ensure that you are not being cheated or duped by anyone. There are many online stores selling calamus essential oil. However, do verify their claims and authenticity before you purchase any such product online.

The word Calamus is mainly derived from the Greek word meaning reed. Earlier its use was restricted to a tincture or as syrup. However, it is used for plethora of purposes now. It is also used in Ayurveda, where it is considered as a “sattvic” herb, implying that it stimulate the sexual energy. Thus, it may be considered as a natural stimulant to enhance sexual power of an individual. The aromatic oil which is stored in the roots of this plant is behind this property of the oil. It has a woody, strong fragrance and you can easily identify it. Calamus oils should not be used in case of flavors or while cooking. Since it may develop complications in some cases, thus it should be avoided during the stage of pregnancy.

You can also easily identify poor quality calamus oil, as it will have a caphoracerous note. Some of the major constituents of calamus oil include calamine, shyobunones, beta asarone and eugenol etc. A lot of perfumery and cosmetic products make easy use of calamus and its derivatives in their preparation.

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Apricot Oil – Take Care of Your Skin

Apricot and its various derivatives are known world over for their health and other benefits. If anyone is seeking good vitality and health then he or she should opt for apricot oil. This oil is not only good for soul and mind, but also it helps to improve our skin and body. As we all know skin is the biggest organ in the body and thus it becomes very important for us to take care of our skin. Apricot essential oil provides all the necessary care to your skin and ensures that it remains fresh and healthy.

It is also an important constituent of massage therapy and is used world over in massages.  Apart from giving healthy skin, it also helps to relive the stress, encourage the body balance and promote well being of an individual. Since there are many qualities of apricot oils available in the market, their effectiveness vary a lot.

Apricot oil is derived from Apricot tree. This tree is a part of the rose family that originates from east and central Asia. It is rich in vitamins and has got a very pleasant smell. This is why sometimes it is used in baby products as well, due to its gentle nature. This oil also contains some essential fatty acids including linolenic acid and oleic acid. This oil penetrates the skin really well and this is the reason why it is used in irritated and dry skin.

Majority of the moisturizing creams make use of apricot essential oil as it helps to soften hands, face as well as hair. This oil helps in the skin to retain its suppleness, elasticity as well as clarity. In Chinese medicines, this oil is used as an anti asthmatic and anti-tussive medicines and also to calm the inflammation and eczema.

You will be slightly surprised to know that the apricot oil is not directly obtained from the fruit itself, but from a kernel or stone, which is extremely rich in oleic and linolenic acids. Since these are unsaturated acids, you need to have them in your diet. This is the reason why some foods are made in apricot essential oil. It is also rich in Vitamin E and Vitamin A; both of these vitamins are strong antioxidants. It means that it helps in preventing the free radical from oxidizing the membranes of the walls and prevents in destroying them. These free radicals can be a result of anything ranging from traffic fumes to industrial emissions to tobacco smoke etc. Another major use of this great essential oil is in case of hair conditioners. It has got properties which prevents hair fall and balding.

No matter whether you are using apricot essential oil or any other essential oil, it is always recommended that you use consult a doctor or a physician before you use essential oil. There are hardly any side effects associated with the use of this oil, but only should always check for various allergies.

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Patchouli Essential Oil – Why is it popular

Patchouli is mainly extracted from patchouli plant which is prevalent in many countries including India, China, West Indies and Indonesia etc. It is basically an herb which belongs to the mint family.

Patchouli plants grow up to height of four meters and generally it is pruned around 4-5 times in a year, so as to harvest its leaves in order to manufacture essential oil.  These leaves are turned almost daily and they are then dried over a period of some days. During this process, natural fragmentation takes place. When the leaves are dried properly it improves the yield as well as the quality of patchouli oil, which is then extracted by steam distillation method. The dried leaves are processed immediately or they are made to store in silos.

This essential oil is known world over for its superb fragrance. In simpler words, patchouli oil is a perfume on its own. The scene of patchouli oil is strong and everlasting and it has been used in perfumery industry since quite some time now as a fixative. Another added advantage of using patchouli is that it blends amazing well with others essential oils like Lavender, Clary Sage, Rose and Frankincense etc. Even some small experimentation with this oil can produce some new oils which are more reliable and aromatic.

Its fragrance develops in course of time due to the oxidation process and this is the reason why you will find many takers of the older patchouli oil. This thin and freshly distilled oil becomes more and thicker with time, thereby imparting a rich, smoother fragrance to this oil. You will see that patchouli oil comes in few colors and it ranges from being reddish brown to pale yellow in colors. Try to go for darker shades of the oil, as they are of superior quality. This however is not proved, just a notion.

This oil is derived from more than one variety of the plant. Thus, you will find a wide variety of patchouli oil. However, the one which is derived from Pogostemon cablin is of the best quality. Just make sure that the seller who is selling this variety is authentic and licensed. There are many fakes in the market and you should avoid them.

Patchouli oil is also used as a home therapy kit. It is used in aromatherapy and also to treat a variety of medical disorders. This oil has got anti inflammatory, anti fungal and antiseptic qualities and it also helps in the re-generation of skin cells. This oil is highly effective in case of first aid treatment and is used effectively against cuts, abrasions, acne, insect bites etc. Just dilute the oil and apply it to a cotton ball and just rub in the affected area. Patchouli is also found in many forms like soaps and shampoos. Even if you are not a very fond admirer of patchouli’s fragrance, you should buy it because of the various other benefits involved.

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Citronella Essential Oil

All of us love to spend some time alone, relaxing our body and souls. These simple things are required by the body frequently. For some, relaxation might be just watching the TV, whereas for some relaxation might be listening to music. However, the peace of mind and body which a citronella oil massage will give is unbeatable. There is wide range of Co2 Extracted essential oils available in the market. However, citronella essential oil has got something which differ it from the rest. This type of oil basically comes from a plant species which is known as Cymbopogon. It is a tall grass which is found mainly in tropical regions. It is widely used as a repellant since it is 100% natural and does not contain any toxic or dangerous products. The more fragrance the oil has, the better it is likely to repel the pesky insects.

This oil is known since long for its fine quality as an aromatic oil as well as insect repellant. Its smell is a unique combination of fresh, lemony and fruity aroma. If you are wondering from where this oil came up then you should know that it is basically extracted through the steam distillation of the plant which grows abundantly in Africa, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and few other countries. Usually the grass component of the plant has got the oil. It can be either dried grass or fresh chopped grass. It is very helpful in driving away mosquitoes and insects from homes; however, its use is not limited to only that. Ages ago, it was an important part of the Chinese medicines and was used in treatment of many diseases including flu, colds, fever etc.

Citronella oil helps to combat anxiety and infuses happiness in life. Moreover, it helps to boost your self confidence. This oil is non irritant and non toxic oil; still it is recommended that you use it with some extra care. One may never know whether a product works fine with the skin or not unless signs of irritation appear. Thus, you need to take certain proactive steps before you use this oil.

Irrespective of how many essential oils are able to impress us, our heart always goes for the one which provides us with soul healing and relaxation. So give yourself a break and use this great oil to enhance your being. Citronella Essential Oil is also used in scented candles.

On mental level, this oil is said to have balancing and clarifying effect on a person. When combined with lemon oil, it can yield even better results. You have to understand that in aromatherapy, you need to use the oil having the highest quality standard. Thus, you have to ensure that you are buying only pure, genuine and high quality oil. Also, since few drops will do you need not buy it in large quantity. You can also check online stores for this great oil.

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We welcome you to our Essential oil Blog, here we will share many interesting facts about the properties of various natural essential oils that exists in nature , are been used in various types of cures for many alignments , as cosmetics and fragrances.









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